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Lavender Barreme




  Botanical name: Lavandula Angustifolia
  Country of Origin: France  
  Method of Extraction: Steam Distilled  
  Consistency: Thin  
  Aromatic Description: Strong. This type of Lavender is well balanced in its aroma. Lavender Barreme is grown at high altitudes, which typically has high ester content (52%: linalyl, terpenyl, lavandulyl and geranyl acetates). The different soil, temperature, precipitation, etc. contributes to some subtle changes in scent.  
  Perfumery Description: Top  
  Aromatherapy Properties: Acne, analgesic, allergies, anxiety, asthma, athlete's foot, bruises, burns, chicken pox, colic, cuts, carminative, cholagogue, choleretic, cystitis, depression, dermatitis, dysmenorrheal, earache, flatulence, headache, anticonvulsant, hypertension, rheumatic, insect bites, insect repellent, itching, labor pains, migraine, oily skin, rheumatism, scabies, scars, sores, sprains, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antitoxic, strains, anti-depressant, stress, stretch marks, vertigo, whooping cough. It is said this type of Lavender is the most relaxing of all Lavenders.  
Blends Well With: Clary Sage, Cedarwood, Patchouli, Geranium, Bay, Bergamot, Chamomile, Citronella, Jasmine, Lemon,, Mandarin, Orange, Palmarosa, Tangerine, Ylang-Ylang, Rosewood, Clove Bud, Pine, Geranium, Patchouli, citrus oils, and floral oils. It blends well with most oils.
History: In France, Lavender Barreme is called lavande fine de Barrême. This type of lavender is known for its lavender distilleries. At the beginning of the 20th century, fields of lavender were first planted, at altitudes above 700 m to produce the finest quality lavender. The temperate climatic requirement for growing Lavender species has resulted in plantings in all states of Australia but the most interest appears to be in Victoria and southern New South Wales. Early Egyptians wrapped their dead in lavender-dipped shrouds; ancient Greeks used the plant to fight insomnia, insanity, and aching backs; and ancient Romans tossed it into their public baths, hence its name, from the Latin meaning "to wash." Besides the rose, lavender is the only common flower that retains its fragrance when dried.
Safety Notes & Cautions: Generally non-toxic and non-sensitizing. Use well diluted. Avoid during pregnancy. Use with caution if you have low blood pressure.
  Important Note: This Oil profile is provided as a general knowledge only, and the information listed on this page is not necessary inclusive or complete.  
General Safety Information: Do not take any oils internally without consultation from a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Do not apply undiluted essential oils, absolutes, CO2s or other concentrated essences onto the skin. If you are pregnant, epileptic, have liver damage, have cancer, or have any other medical problem, use oils only under the proper guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Use extreme caution when using oils with children and give children only the gentlest oils at extremely low doses. It is safest to consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using oils with children. A skin patch test should be conducted prior to using an oil that you've never used before.


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